Broken Dove wins the Adult Fiction class of
Holyer an Gof awards 2017.

The awards are for books published during 2016 which:

"add to the knowledge, enjoyment and appreciation of Cornish life, literature or culture both in Cornwall and throughout the world."

It’s May Day, a day celebrated since pagan times to welcome in the summer.

In the wild countryside of west Cornwall, it is also the famed annual Treloar family party, being hosted for the first time by DI Félipe Treloar at Lost Farm Barn. The Treloar clan, friends and colleagues from the major crime team will all be there.

But a ghost from summers past is also coming, and unbeknownst to all, bringing madness and violence in her wake.

And whilst the early guests are revelling, in nearby St Ives two young girls disappear from a holiday park swimming pool.

Who is tormenting the beautiful Amy? Is it a demented fan or someone much closer to home?
And what is wrong with the parents of one of the missing girls; what are they hiding?

And as the tragedy unfolds, a troubled soul is falling deeper and deeper into a personal hell.

Treloar and his Sergeant chase answers from the wilds of Cornwall to the busy streets and leafy lanes of London, and as events bring back forgotten memories and long buried emotions they are both challenged to the core. But Treloar meets a kindred spirit. And the rules are left behind.

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