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Broken Dove wins Best Adult Fiction 2017 at Holyer an Gof Awards

Broken Dove wins the Adult Fiction class of
Holyer an Gof awards 2017.

The awards are for books published during 2016 which:
"add to the knowledge, enjoyment and appreciation of Cornish life, literature or culture both in Cornwall and throughout the world."

“I just couldn't put it down, I wanted to know what happened next. It was keeping me up to the early hours every night. I live in West Cornwall and I could really recognise my Cornwall ...... it was great to read a book set in Cornwall that didn't just throw out a few place names and descriptions.”

The Chair of the Holyer an Gof Awards Best Adult Fiction panel said, ‘People kept coming up to me saying “You have to give it to Broken Dove, you have to give it to Broken Dove."’

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The Treloar mysteries feature Detective Inspector Félipe Treloar of Devon & Cornwall Police and his team working on serious crimes in Cornwall.

In the books bad things happen to good people and evil things happen in beautiful places.

Detective Inspector Treloar lives in a home he built himself: Lost Farm Barn, located in Poldark territory. His family farm, Cove Farm, is not far away on the cliffs where his Spanish mother keeps watch for her husband long missing at sea. Close family friend, Ochre Pengelly, artist and author, saviour of Treloar’s youngest sister Beatriz, lives high on the carn in the granite monstrosity, Radgell, built by her ancestors.

The first in the series, Rogue Flamingo, introduces the team as they investigate a series of brutal slayings in the sleepy south Cornwall fishing village of Porthaven where the population and suspect pool are swollen by a number of mysterious summer visitors amongst the usual hordes.

In Broken Dove, the second in the Treloar series, two young girls are abducted from a swimming pool in St Ives. Meanwhile an uninvited guest arrives at Treloar's May Day party in the wilds of west Cornwall. The story goes on to explore twisted family dynamics, obsession and madness.

Silent Gull, the third book, sees a culture clash between the ancient Cornish Spargo clan and the Hollywood superstar incomer Jackson Power with his Fowey based therapeutic centre The Valley of the Tides, home to troubled residents and dubious staff alike. When a body is found floating in the river there are suspects aplenty but they have powerful protectors.

The fourth in the series, Sad Pelican, set in Padstow, will be published in the summer of 2018.


If you know Cornwall, live in Cornwall or have visited Cornwall you will recognise the geography and the atmosphere in the Treloar Cornish mysteries. If you plan to visit, you will get a feel for Cornwall’s unique character and spirit.
The books are available as paperbacks and ebooks from Amazon, bookshops and for loan in a growing number of public libraries.

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