Late November in Cornwall. A figure in a kayak, pulls against the tide across the River Fowey toward an assignation in defiance of an ancient powerful family. High above the river in a medieval hall, a Hollywood superstar mourns the loss of his first born, rebuilding his life in a sanctuary for troubled souls.

Further west, D I Félipe Treloar visits his first boss in a Falmouth hospice. Before he slips away he has a mission for his former acolyte and an admission which will rock Treloar to the core, pitting him against one of the most feared men in Europe.

And yet further west, a frightened old man, sits brooding on the past and lamenting his irredeemable legacy.

When a dead child is found in the river the currents lead Treloar to the idyllic setting of the Valley of the Tides where inhabitants nurse their dark obsessions; a burnt-out chef, an MP’s disturbed daughter, and a depraved young man with powerful protectors.

As Treloar fights the growing evil, corrosive resentment spills out, unspeakable deeds are uncovered, and he must look to secretive allies for aid as powerful forces conspire to protect their interests. And when Jackson Power thinks he has lived through the worst, he will face a father’s ultimate nightmare.

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