Here are the comments of the Holyer an Gof judges on Broken Dove which won the 2017 award for Best Adult Fiction
‘I enjoyed the story very much and felt like it was well paced, not overly long and the characters were well defined.  I liked the use of different fonts/printing style to strengthen the story telling.  I could quite happily read this book again in the future.’
‘Among so many “murder mysteries” currently available Broken Dove has an original and entertaining plot. I found it easy to read, thought-provoking and enjoyable.’

‘A gripping crime novel with the main story set in Cornwall, but with another narrative running with it.  The two stories have different tones and seem worlds apart at the beginning, but they gradually come together making it a real page turner with the style of the second story conveying the unbalanced mind of the main character.’
‘This is the second in a series of novels about DI Treloar and the reader is gradually learning more about him and his colleagues and family.  It will be interesting to read the third novel.’
Professor P K Harvey, Chair of the Holyer an Gof Awards, wrote ‘I also read it after we had done the judging and congratulate you on a really original plot, and as the last comment says ' it will be interesting to read the third novel'!'
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